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Kids Dance Revolution

Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to empower, enrich and educate children through the world of ballroom dancing. We aim to provide a safe environment for children to develop motor skills, sense of self and social skills which is essential in building confidence and fostering a deep sense of respect for their peers.

Developed by dancers, choreographers, teachers and parents, we work hard every day to inspire children both during class and in their lives.

The social aspect of ballroom dance also offers the perfect framework for children to learn about partnership, etiquette and teamwork – bringing boys and girls together, building self-confidence and mutual respect, whilst forging lasting friendships along the way.

We believe childhood is a magical state of life and we are committed to engage BallroomBees’ children through our play- based learning programme and provide them with tools to move and interact that will last them a lifetime.

At Kids Program, your child will learn

Coordination & Musicality | Social Skills & Etiquette | Team Work & Self Confidence

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